ArticleMessage from the Director

Message from the Director

Welcome to the official soccer camps site of the Green Bay men’s soccer program.

We pride ourselves on creating a fun and challenging camp and training experience, both on the UW-Green Bay campus and in the community. We offer camp sessions and clinics designed for all different ages and levels of play. Camps are open to any and all entrants, limited only by number, age, grade level and/or gender.

Our Community Camps are geared towards younger players (boys & girls ages 5-14) and their parents who want a more accessible soccer experience. Our community camps bring the soccer to you by hosting our camps at different locations away from our campus at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and out in the community while still providing a safe, dynamic training environment to positively reinforce the technical development of these young players.

Our Residential/Commuter ID Camp (boys only) is our elite program geared towards those players who are looking to play in high school, college and beyond. The  Residential/Commuter ID Camp is a chance to fully immerse oneself in a collegiate soccer environment and work with a select, experienced coaching staff.

The camp attracts a very dedicated and knowledgeable staff which has excelled in either a professional, collegiate or club environment. Every staff member shares a real passion and enthusiasm for the game and has differentiated themselves as a true teacher of the game.

Every session will provide players an opportunity to improve their technical ability and tactical knowledge of the game. The highest level of advanced tactical, technical and fitness training will be coached during the training sessions that will simulate the college training environment. Campers will experience extremely competitive games at night where they can showcase their individual and collective ability.

As a camper at one of our Green Bay soccer camps you immediately become an integral member of our Green Bay soccer family. We look forward to training with you this year!


Dan Popik
Head Coach, Green Bay Men’s Soccer

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